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Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights.

Sudanese organization for nonviolence and development (SONAD) Institutionally and at individual levels, its founders and in 2004 Napuli as a co- founder, registered Sudanese organization for nonviolence and development (SONAD) as nonviolence activists monitoring human rights in the wake of the long civil war in Sudan.
In the history of our struggle, we organized trainings, exchanges and also join nonviolent actions. Through this, we found that nonviolence and human rights are other ways to change and transform the conflicts.

In 2011 In Uganda/ Kampala Napuli and other two founded the organization called ”Sudanese activists for Nonviolence and Human rights organization” that has an impact on Sudan and diaspora.

In 2012 in Germany Napuli ,Harald Gloede with other five members met in the movement at Oranienplatz Kreuzberg/Berlin. It is well known that Oranienplatz is regarded as the political symbol of the living in the street for resistance, Oranienplatz supported Napuli’s idea to create this Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights.
Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights have the will, experience, and commitment to plan and to implement in spite of the enormous difficulties and challenges. Therefore Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights call upon all the people in solidarity to support and cooperate with for the success of marginalized peoples, displaced people, refugees and people in Diaspora, communities, women, girls, youth, men and children


Blacks and Whites Together for Human Rights.

As a result of a long term sharing of ideas among activists/supporters in the refugees movement in Berlin. concerning the situation of refugees and migrant in Germany, partly through mere daily lives.

Blacks and whites together for Human rights, was created with the goal to build trust, to resolve conflicts and foster communication between diverse groups.

  • space for an open dialogue to build positive relationships between people and their social relations.
  • to train and empower refugees, supporters, students , individuals and activists from different social, religious, age and gender backgrounds to reduce violent and create peace within their communities.
  • To walk back on to the bridges to empower, educate and exchange the ideas back home
  • Education and peace building

What We Do

Through global interconnections, instability anywhere around the continents can impact us, Working side-by-side in solidarity with the communities. We extends solidarity to the people to achieve nonviolence, human rights, education, alternatives to violence, conflict resolution and exchange throughout the continents.

Our Core Values
Passion for Mission
We come to work to foster sustainable communities and human dignity worldwide.
We contribute equality in advancing our mission, by supporting communities/societies.

We strive for efficiency, effectiveness, and meaningful results across our work. We aspire to facilitate the exchanges. We continually seek to improve our solidarity and increase our impact. We take pride in our work and our accomplishments.

We are accountable for our efforts and building relationships of trust and respect

We demonstrate respect for one another, our partners, and the people we serve in communities around the continents. We recognize and acknowledge the strength that comes from diversity. We value all people equally. We consistently respect in our communications and in our behavior.

Let us be a drop of water which make a sea.